Hydra: The Postgres Data Warehouse

Hydra: The Postgres Data Warehouse

Joe Sciarrino, CEO

Mar 21, 2022

Today we are releasing the Postgres data warehouse. Unify and analyze your data with the ease of Postgres and the warehouse engine of your choice: Postgres, Snowflake, and BigQuery (coming soon).

A data warehouse that's easy, open, and scalable.

Easy ✨

  • Postgres just works. Your engineers already know and like it.

  • Postgres ecosystem, ORMs, tooling at your fingertips

  • Adopt it without any code changes. Aligns with existing Postgres use.

Open 🔓

  • Free to get started and accessible to everyone

  • Swappable warehouse engines. Swap between Postgres, Snowflake, or BigQuery (coming soon) without changing your app code.

  • Freedom from vendor capture.

Scalable 📈

  • Start with Hydra's low cost Postgres back-end. When it makes sense, seamlessly switch the backend to Snowflake or BigQuery and scale to any size.

  • Familiarity of Postgres with the power of other warehouse engines

  • Faster writes than standard Snowflake or BigQuery

The Problem

Data warehouses are the critical core of most modern architectures. Yet, they're anti-free – expensive and proprietary. Over time, your company will build internal apps, tools, and reporting dashboards around a data warehouse. Operationally, your company gets locked in, since you'd need to change app code and many queries to get out.

At Heroku we used Redshift. It was good at first, but then it slowed down and was constantly on fire after a few years. Despite the pain, there wasn't enough engineering stamina to change vendors. The cost of "wrong choices" for a data warehouse is too damn high. With Hydra, your warehouse is flexible and adaptable to your future requirements.

Developer First Solution

We learned that startups are adopting data warehouses early. Turns out, you don't have to be huge to need a data warehouse. The current market is very enterprise-y and unfamiliar to developers.

Setup cloud managed Hydra in 30 seconds. Unify and analyze all data with the ease of Postgres and the warehouse engine of your choice: Postgres, Snowflake, and BigQuery (coming soon). Move faster with Hydra because your Postgres-based app, tooling, ORMs, and Postgres ecosystem just work. You have the flexibility to change the back-end engine at any time. Aside from being a kick-ass warehouse, Hydra offers the ultimate freedom from vendor capture.

Hydra will commoditize data warehouse engines like IaaS, making warehouse vendors compete on price instead of enterprise walled gardens. Get the full power of Postgres, the scale of cloud, and it's free to start.

Get Started

  1. Visit hydras.io

  2. Enter email address

  3. Profit

If you prefer to talk to us directly, ping founders@hydras.io. More than happy to have a set-up call.